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Supporting Our Local Community!

In May 2020 we provided just shy of 6,000 gallons of our locally produced milk to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York as part of a collaboration with Scenic Hudson and the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corpoartion. This milk was distributed to over 26 sites throughout the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region to those in need!

“While dairy farmers are struggling at this time they are saddened by the number of people standing in line at food banks. They are dismayed to know that milk is being dumped and wasted when there are so many in need. Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy is privileged to partner with Scenic Hudson to provide help to our local communities” says our founding farmer and managing partner, Dr. Sam Simon.

Our farmers are so incredibly thankful for the overwhelming support we have received from our community since the creation of our company over 10 years ago, and are honored to be a part of a collaborative effort that provides nutritious, local food to those who need it most now.

Also in May of 2020 we were honored to be the dairy provider to a World Central Kitchen distribution event in Queens and Brooklyn, thanks to a partnership with the Farm On! Foundation. Here are some images courtesy of the World Central Kitchen Instagram.

The Milkman is Back! Home Delivery now Available for Manhattan & Brooklyn Residents

Farmer-Owned Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy, Producing Milk from Ten Local Family Farms, Now Conveniently Available for Apartment Delivery

Great news friends! Farm to Fridge home delivery is now available for NYC residents due to our new, exciting partnership with URBN playground. Check out the press release below and download the URBN app to place your order today!

URBN Playground, a boutique amenity consulting and management firm, today announced its partnership with the farmer-owned dairy company, Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy. The partnership will enable apartment residents in Manhattan and Brooklyn to place orders for farm-to-fridge fresh milk and dairy products through the URBN Playground concierge app.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy. Not only will this service provide delicious, high-quality dairy products to residents, but it also aligns closely with our values at URBN Playground. We consider it a privilege to be able to support local farmers who believe strongly in the welfare of their animals and sustainable farming practices, and to be able to educate more people in our community about the difference this makes,” said Jeremy Brutus, co-founder of URBN Playground.

Residents can place their order on the URBN Playground app for fresh, minimally-pasteurized milk, all-natural yogurt, sour cream, and other products and have them at their doorstep in as little as 3 days.

The strict milk quality standards upheld by Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy, combined with an intense focus on cow comfort, animal health, high forage diets (cows are fed diets consisting of over 70% forage that are 100% home grown), and sustainable farming practices all translates to a quality difference in the milk. The result is a creamier, sweeter tasting milk that contains more naturally occurring Omega-3’s compared to other milks available at supermarket. Additionally, all their products are antibiotic free and the farmers pledge to not use rBST!

Some of the awards that Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy boasts include six National Dairy Quality awards, eight Agrimark #1 Top Quality awards, and a ten-year NYS Supermilk track record.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with URBN Playground to have our award-winning milk made easily available to apartment dwellers. We’re grateful to see growing interest and demand in high-quality, locally-produced milk, as this supports a living wage for real, local family farms and helps us preserve Hudson Valley farmland,” said Dr. Sam Simon, founder of Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy.

The initial rollout of the delivery service will be made available for Brooklyn residents living at Level at 2 N 6th St and the Oosten at  60 S 8th St, and for midtown Manhattan residents living at ARO at 242 W 53rd St and Sessanta at 229 West 60th Street, and consecutively will be made available to more residences throughout the city.

check out the URBN Playground Website and follow them on Instagram!

the Health Benefits of REAL Dairy!

You probably remember the “Got Milk?” campaigns with famous athletes and might remember the slogan “3-A-Day” based on the USDA’s food pyramid guidelines, but do you know the real, true benefits of consuming real dairy?

It’s more than a pairing with cereal or a few drops in your coffee – fresh, wholesome dairy has a long list of benefits that impact long-term human health. Below, we highlight some of those health benefits, including new research so you can dive into these topics for yourselves!

— reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Read more!

— reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. Read more!

— supportive of bone health, especially in children and adolescents. Read more!

— protection against the development of metabolic syndrome. Read more!

— dairy is the most cost effective way to get 3 of the 4 nutrients most Americans need more of in their diets (Calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus). Read more!

Sure, you can get Calcium from other sources, like dark green vegetables, but there is no package like dairy that includes 9 essential nutrients and high quality protein in a single serving. Curious about the actual United States Dietary Guidelines? Click here.

No matter what the other “milks” on the shelf say, there is no substitute for fresh, high quality, wholesome dairy. We took a look at Hudson Valley Fresh whole milk head-to-head with some alternative products, and here’s what we found.

In conclusion, we all want to choose healthy foods for ourselves and our families. In reality, life is all about moderation and good health most certainly comes from a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle. For specific questions about your own dietary needs we recommend speaking with a doctor or dietitian, but for any farm or milk-related questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to us at

Got Chocolate Milk?

After a tough workout, you’ve probably heard you need to re-hydrate with fluids and supply your body with electrolytes. Something you may not know, however, is that those electrolytes and so many other important nutrients post-workout can come from nature’s most nearly perfect food – milk!

Chocolate milk is a natural choice post-run, ride, or meet. Full-fat milk actually ranks higher than other beverages, including water, when it comes to hydration. That’s right, milk improves your hydration status more than water alone!

In addition to the importance of hydration, chocolate milk in particular contains the ideal carbohydrate to protein ratio. Since replacing muscle fuel (glycogen) after exercise is essential to an athlete’s recovery, a post-gym beverage like milk provides the energy and the PROTEIN necessary to replenish what was lost and provide muscles with the nutrients to properly recover.

16 grams of protein in every 13 oz bottle of Hudson Valley Fresh chocolate milk!

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out what Mariano Rivera has to say about drinking REAL milk as a key to success – Hall of Farm Pitcher Mariano Rivera Credits milk as key to Success!

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