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Say Cheese! Now Offering CABOT PRODUCTS

Say Cheese!

Our farmers are excited to announce we are now offering even more premium, local dairy products – Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy will now be distributing Cabot products!

Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy LLC. was formed in 2013, but our group of 11 original  family farms had been farming in the Hudson Valley and shipping high quality milk for many years, sometimes even many generations, prior. Before Hudson Valley Fresh was created, our farmers were proud suppliers for a nationally recognized and award winning co-operative that is synonymous with quality: Cabot Cheese

Hudson Valley Fresh and Cabot have therefore had an extremely close relationship from the start. When our group of farmers got together in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s to discuss ways to market their milk locally as a premium product from a distinct region and caliber of farms, Cabot, or rather, the parent co-op that markets Cabot Cheese, Agrimark, was one of the very first calls. 

How could we segregate our milk, process, package, and market it? Could it be done? Agrimark supported us by allowing us to test out this theory, and through the invaluable help of local politicians, agribusinesses, and professional organizations, our grassroots operation slowly took shape. Today, three of our original farms have retired and stopped milking cows, but 8 family farms remain, with 9 trucks serving local customers and distribution partners bringing our product all over the East Coast.

Today, if a tank of our milk is not needed by Hudson Valley Fresh to fulfill our own orders, that tank of milk goes to one of Agrimark’s processing facilities in either Vermont or Springfield, Massachusetts to make cheese, butter, or milk powder. Our farmers are proud to provide milk to both of these tremendous products, and are excited to announce that as of June 2024, we will be offering distribution of Cabot products!

Award Winning-Cheese

The production team behind the Cabot brand knows how to make some phenomenal cheeses, with the national and international designations to back it up! In 2024, Cabot picked up 1st Place Extra Creamy Sea Salt Butter and 1st Place Pepper Jack at the World Championship Cheese Contest. In 2023, the National Milk Federation awarded them 1st place Sharp Cheddar and Colby Cheese, as well as 1st place Triple Cream Vanilla Bean Yogurt. Cabot had countless other products awarded placings in both competitions, and just like our team at Hudson Valley Fresh, they know that the little things are really the big things when it comes to producing a consistently high quality product – it’s all about the details!

We are excited to be able to offer Cabot branded products to the local businesses we partner with and will be spreading the good word about the work that farmer-owned cooperatives like Hudson Valley Fresh and Cabot do for family farms. 

Are you a local farm market? Restaurant? School? Interested in sourcing premium local dairy, fresh from the farm? Reach out today to get more information about our product offerings and to set up an account!

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