Supporting Our Local Community!

In May 2020 we provided just shy of 6,000 gallons of our locally produced milk to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York as part of a collaboration with Scenic Hudson and the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corpoartion. This milk was distributed to over 26 sites throughout the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region to those in need!

“While dairy farmers are struggling at this time they are saddened by the number of people standing in line at food banks. They are dismayed to know that milk is being dumped and wasted when there are so many in need. Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy is privileged to partner with Scenic Hudson to provide help to our local communities” says our founding farmer and managing partner, Dr. Sam Simon.

Our farmers are so incredibly thankful for the overwhelming support we have received from our community since the creation of our company over 10 years ago, and are honored to be a part of a collaborative effort that provides nutritious, local food to those who need it most now.

Also in May of 2020 we were honored to be the dairy provider to a World Central Kitchen distribution event in Queens and Brooklyn, thanks to a partnership with the Farm On! Foundation. Here are some images courtesy of the World Central Kitchen Instagram.

Other News

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