How Fresh?

Watch the Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy story on film

Part 1: The story of Dr. Sam Simon and Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy
Part 2: The health benefits of milk from a doctor who knows
Part 3: The Adams relationship with Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy
Part 4: Local farms, fresher dairy
Part 5: The Hudson Valley Fresh difference
Part 6: The vanishing of our local farms
Part 7: Cow milk vs plant-based milk
Part 8: Quality milk vs commodity milk

Our Milk Is Local, Premium, & Nutritious

How Fresh? 3 Days From the Farm to You How Good? Helps local family farms thrive and preserves Hudson Valley farmland How Good? our industry-low somatic cell count means better nutrition, naturally and without supplements Want to learn more about our udderly-good story? Check out the “Our Values” page
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