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the Health Benefits of REAL Dairy!

You probably remember the “Got Milk?” campaigns with famous athletes and might remember the slogan “3-A-Day” based on the USDA’s food pyramid guidelines, but do you know the real, true benefits of consuming real dairy?

It’s more than a pairing with cereal or a few drops in your coffee – fresh, wholesome dairy has a long list of benefits that impact long-term human health. Below, we highlight some of those health benefits, including new research so you can dive into these topics for yourselves!

— reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Read more!

— reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. Read more!

— supportive of bone health, especially in children and adolescents. Read more!

— protection against the development of metabolic syndrome. Read more!

— dairy is the most cost effective way to get 3 of the 4 nutrients most Americans need more of in their diets (Calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus). Read more!

Sure, you can get Calcium from other sources, like dark green vegetables, but there is no package like dairy that includes 9 essential nutrients and high quality protein in a single serving. Curious about the actual United States Dietary Guidelines? Click here.

No matter what the other “milks” on the shelf say, there is no substitute for fresh, high quality, wholesome dairy. We took a look at Hudson Valley Fresh whole milk head-to-head with some alternative products, and here’s what we found.

In conclusion, we all want to choose healthy foods for ourselves and our families. In reality, life is all about moderation and good health most certainly comes from a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle. For specific questions about your own dietary needs we recommend speaking with a doctor or dietitian, but for any farm or milk-related questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to us at

Open Farm Sunday!

We have some exciting news friends! Have you ever wanted to visit one of our Hudson Valley Fresh farms and meet the cows and the families who work so hard to produce the premium quality dairy you and your family love?

Join us Sunday October 6 from 11am – 4pm for Cabot Open Farm Sunday. Three of our farms will be hosting open houses so you can ask any questions you may have and learn more about where your food comes from.

In addition to meeting the cows and getting a tour of the farm, we will have many fun family activities such as petting zoos, scavenger hunts, name-a-calf contests and even a corn maze! There will be food available and the opportunity to interact with the farmers themselves.

Hudson Valley Fresh is a proud partner of Cabot Cheese, who is graciously putting on a series of Open Houses throughout the Northeast in celebration of their 100 year anniversary.  The makers of the world’s best cheddar, that also happens to be naturally lactose free, also produce butter, a whey protein powder, and shredded cheese that you may have seen in a grocery store near you. And great news, when you purchase Cabot products, you are supporting real family farms too since Cabot is also farmer-owned.

Who’s hosting?

Tollgate Farm – Jim and Karen Davenport are excited to be hosting visitors to their farm on Fox Hill Road in Ancramdale NY. You can meet the cows, take a hay ride, and check out their incredible Hudson Valley view. Here you can also enter a name-a-calf contest and visit the Hudson Valley Fresh table, where we will be pouring samples of Hudson Valley Fresh chocolate milk! Check out the details here.

Willow Brook Farm – the Beneke family looks forward to welcoming guests to their farm located right off Route 22 in Millerton NY. Does anything scream fall-time like a corn maze? We think not! Try not to get lost in the field but when you finish up, check out the barns, the petting zoo, and our Hudson Valley Fresh table. On your way out, be sure to stop by the Farm Store for some locally produced items and quaint rustic gifts. Check out the details here.

Dutch Hollow Farm – the Chittenden family of Schodack NY is excited to host guests from near and far at their 5th generation dairy farm where three generations currently farm together. The Chittenden family proudly raises Jersey cows, which are known for their shorter stature, rich and creamy milk, and spunky personalities. Enjoy some ice cream, check out their Dairy Discovery center, and buy a grilled cheese at the Farmer’s Feed Bunk Food Truck – all the proceeds from grilled cheese sales will be donated to the food bank! Check out the details here.

Please feel free to tag us in pictures from the day @hudson_valley_fresh, we hope to see you there!

Growing Up a Farm Kid

Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up on a dairy farm? We created this fun collection of photos to share a glimpse of what life is like for a farm kid. Hope you enjoy!

If you’re a farm kid, you’ve probably taken a lot of family pictures in a barn or field.

Of course, some of these family pictures made it to the family Christmas card. I mean, whose Christmas card doesn’t feature a cow?

If you’re a farm kid, sometimes your playground looks a little different.

Or when there isn’t a playground around, you wear your best dress and put on a show for the cows.

You’ve probably spent at least one week every summer at the county fair.

The sixth generation of Jackson farmers at Shenandoah Farm

As a farm kid, you’re probably pretty used to washing, brushing, and caring for your own 400+ pound calf.

Justin at the Dutchess County Fair

Farm kids spend lots of time cuddling with cows…

Jonathan from Dutch Hollow!

helping feed calves…

There’s no snow days for farm kids!

and in general, lots of time with cows on the farm!

Fourth generation Coon farmers!

Of course, there wouldn’t be farm kids without farm moms and dads…

teaching lessons about hard work and patience along the way…

showing cows is a family tradition in the Beneke family

Hudson Valley Fresh is honored to represent these ten family farms – moms and dads, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters – just like your family, only maybe a little different.

Thanks for reading! To learn more about all of our family farms, visit the Our Farmers page.