A Fresh Recipe: Yogurt Muffins!

We get it, between the bitter cold temperatures and the piercing wind, winter can be tough, especially here in the Hudson Valley.

So why not try warming up with some muffins? And not just any muffins, muffins that include some real dairy in them! This recipe is quick, easy, and oh-so-delicious. Rest assured, you can swap out the fat-free yogurt for our whole milk plain yogurt, or even try mixing it up by substituting plain for a flavored option!

Make some for your family, for your child to bring to share with their classmates, or for your colleagues at work. Once you give it a try, share about it, too! Post a picture & tag us on social media. With the ovens going and the good times being shared, we can all be a little warmer, and perhaps our bellies a little fuller, despite the winter season!

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