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I worked at Farm Credit for eight months. Didn’t like sitting at a desk. I like working with cows. Then I asked myself, do I want to bust my butt working for someone else’s farm, or do I want to do that for my family? I want to be around people as dedicated as I am.
– Emily Chittenden

Paul Chittenden is a third-generation farmer with children and grandchildren who work on Dutch Hollow Farm, the biggest herd member in Hudson Valley Fresh.

“My dad got his first jersey in 1925,” Paul continues. “It’s been Jerseys ever since. My grandfather had maybe a dozen cows and when I finished high school in 1962, we were milking 300. My dad was probably as progressive as any dairyman. He was always looking down the road, where are we going, what are we doing.”

These days Dutch Hollow milks 700 cows three times a day, every day, producing around 47,000 pounds of milk, or about 5,000 gallons every day. And their system is designed to keep that milk as fresh and clean as possible. “Every drop passes through the filter and we get it to under 41 degrees within two hours of milking. Our milk doesn’t even touch the air until it leaves the farm,” says Paul’s son Nate, who manages the calves with his niece Emily, both graduates of Cornell’s Animal Science program in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Dutch Hollow also enjoys a reputation as one of the premiere breeders of Jerseys in the world. In 2017, one of their bulls was the most sought after breeding stock at Select Sires.

“We’re not the number one Jersey herd in the country, but we’re in the top ten percent,” says Nate. “We’re elite, but the business gets a little tighter every year. If we’re not looking for ways to improve things, we’re not going to stay in business. This isn’t some God-given right to be farmers. You have to be profitable, efficient, and passionate.”

Notable Awards and Community Involvement:

  • New York State Dairy of Distinction – a state program that identifies farms that are well kept and well managed.
  • 2014 National Master Breeder Award from National Dairy Shrine.
  • 2012 National Master Breeder Award, 2010 Distinguished Service Award, host to the 1995 National Convention Sale as part of the American Jersey Cattle Association.
  • Alan Chittenden serves on the National Board for the American Jersey Cattle Association.
  • Nate Chittenden was the recipient of the first-ever Cornell Hometown Alumni Award, recognizing his involvement in his local community.
  • Grandaughter Emily, who just returned home, graduated from Cornell in 2017 – just as her father, Alan, and grandfather, Paul did.
  • Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program participant – ensures thorough protocols are in place and third party animal welfare audits are conducted.
  • Recipient of the Super Milk Award for the past ten years.
  • Nationally ranked by the American Jersey Cattle Association for milk production, as well as high protein and fat component levels.

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